Eau de Parfum

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Its citrus start gives your mood wings. The zesty and tonic bergamot and mandarin essences awake your sensations. A floating and aerial moment that lasts thanks to the appearance of an invigorating Celyan black tea extract. It’s like sharing a tea time with some flying cups and a playful song that will stick in your head. Levitating eau de parfum delivers its magic and the Bourbon vanilla absolute ends the show with a warm applause.




Other notes: Angelica seeds essence, mate absolute, cloves essence, guaiac wood essence, cedarwood virginia essence.

Inspiration: It is a floating world. Made of volutes and undulations that dance in suspension, moving in indolent and caressing waves. The suspense of weightless matter. Citrus fruits, Ceylon black tea, vanilla bourbon. At once light and dense, ample and restrained, as if carried by an unknown charm, the magic of a ritornello, which invites itself to never leave your senses.

Quote from the perfumer: "Levitating is a spicy black tea, rejuvenating and warm, giving you the feeling of a weightless moment. A perfume as engaging as a refrain."


Content: bottle 50mL/1.6oz + Purse Spray + travel vial 10mL/0.3oz + cap

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Ingredients: alcohol denat.• parfum (fragrance)• aqua (water)• limonene• coumarin• linalool• eugenol• cinnamal• citral• benzyl salicylate• geraniol• farnesol• isoeugenol• citronellol


In your Bento Box you will find your refillable perfume and surprisingly its Purse Spray is a precious travel size thanks to 10mL format also included. Wherever you go, your perfume follows you, loyal and always ready.

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